Feeding Our Family of Seven for less than $800.00 a Month

We spend about $800.00 a month on groceries and household products. I've never broken down what our costs look like with just food, but we tap out at $800.00 a month.


More of Them, More of Me

A few weeks ago, someone asked if I'd be "going back to work" anytime soon and assumed homeschooling wasn't something we intended to dedicate our lives to. Unschooling, in particular, requires dedication. With the goal of learning by pursuing interests, we have to make every situation an opportunity to learn. Every question is treated seriously.… Continue reading More of Them, More of Me


“I’ll Pray for You”– but Will You?

"Salty" is the new "petty" and I think the reversed meaning of "bless your heart" is also being replaced. As Christianity becomes increasingly whittled down to fit into today's society, a common thing we see is the phrase “I’ll pray for you” thrown out without any real intention behind it, primarily during an argument but also jokingly when speaking to a friend.