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Introducing Us Part Three: Meet Lylah

If you’re keeping up, you’re already aware this is part three in my five-part series “Introducing Us.” Starting here I’ll be introducing children in my home that are under the age of six, which, you’ll also already know is the age school begins in our house. Their homeschool journey started with ours even though they’re younger than six. Learning is an all day, everyday event in our home.

Lylah is my wild child. I think anyone who has multiple children in their home always has one child that they would consider their hardest to parent. This is my rambunctious Lylah. From day one she was strong-willed and serious. She can throw a fit like no other, but can also melt your heart in the next few seconds. She’s outgoing and never afraid to be herself. No one’s opinion will ever cramp her style; I wish I had half the confidence she does.

Reyes Family-Reyes Family-0014.jpg

Like the others, Lylah fell victim to my constant need to “keep up.” Ella was an early talker, and since they’re so close in age, it was easy to compare all of Lylah’s milestones with hers. (Bad Mama, I know.) Lylah took longer to talk, and even longer to use personal pronouns correctly. Parenthood is ever evolving. You always hear older children say to their parents, “you didn’t let me do that when I was younger” or “you have more patience for the younger kids.” It’s because every day of parenthood is a learning opportunity. A chance to change the way you handle situations. I’m thankful for this. Especially with Lylah; we clash like oil and water, so I have the need to apologize more often in our relationship than with any of the other kids.

When I did an overhaul of what our goals were for homeschooling I was in the middle of the book The Unhurried Homeschooler. I L-O-V-E, love this book. Follow the link, get a copy if you haven’t already. I promise you won’t regret it. As I’ve mentioned before we were in a rough place right after Emma was born. Schooling was more of a dreaded task than an adventure, and one of the things the book suggested was to write down exactly what we expected at each age. (To be fair, a wise woman who has homeschooled for many years also suggested something similar to this a few years prior, and I just didn’t take her advice. I now kick myself for that.) But, anyway, once I wrote down the things I thought were necessary for each age, and Herman and I sat down and went over them all, I realized Lylah was pretty much right on track with where I would expect a child her age to be. When I initially made the list, I realized a lot of what I wanted them to know would overlap in the age range of 3-6. Colors, shapes, and counting. It was only the amount of shapes and colors, and the number they could reach that would change. Age five is the age that we start to pay more attention to letters and the sounds that they make. I don’t want to jinx it, but Lylah already seems like she’s going to kill it as a reader!

All of her learning is organically achieved right now. She just recently learned to write her name unassisted while we were filling out Valentines. She had the ability to recognize her name, and copy it, but this was different. She wanted to personalize each one, so she learned to spell and write her name by comparing hers to one I completed for her. She was SO proud, and since it was entirely self-lead, she enjoyed the entire process. Not once did she become discouraged, or question whether or not it looked perfect.

Lylah spends the majority of her day “doing her own thing.” She loves to be read to, and once or twice a day she will decide to work in a workbook  (usually when Hayden or Ella are working. Monkey see, monkey do). I always help her if she asks for it, but I never intervene. When I take control learning just isn’t fun for her anymore. She enjoys treating each page like a puzzle and gets eminence satisfaction when she’s able to decipher what it is the instructions are asking. I’m so excited to continue to watch Lylah learn new things, and grow.


Jesus following, coffee loving, homeschooling mama. Teaching my children with the grace of God. This is where I share about our homeschooling journey, parenting, and everyday life.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Us Part Three: Meet Lylah

  1. My girl. This is my heart and soul. She is so her very own. I just love that she is so proud of herself. Love lylah bear!!!!


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