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Old Things, New View: Microscope Study

Just before Easter Sunday, we got a brand new Microscope in the mail. We were so excited to use it, but we didn’t have time since we hosted Easter at our house and were spending every free moment cleaning up and doing yard work. So Monday we took a peek at a few random things to curb our curiosity until our slides came in (slowest four days EVER) and I could get our printable Microscope Journals made up.

We looked at a few different things:

The hair of a My Little Pony horse
Ripped end of a paper towel


We splurged a little and got a microscope with the option to use a USB lens so we can all look at the slides at the same time. For families with multiple children, this is where. It’s. At. I can hook it up to my laptop and not once did anyone become antsy to have a turn. They could all see it! Plus, I can save cool pictures of what we looked at.

It cured our itch to use the microscope, but we still had a lot to learn at this point. We didn’t know anything about how to identify the things we saw, how to properly focus the microscope or even use the light! We totally winged it. The next day we studied up on how to properly use a microscope. AND THEN, this happened:

Yay, the slides came!

School 168School 182

I created Microscope Journals for all of the kids (you can snag one here for free!), and we went through each part of the microscope, so we knew what we were dealing with and which knobs did what. We chose a feather, the torn end of construction paper, and pond water from our property. I love these pre-prepared slides. They’re the bee’s knees because the kids always have something to look at when they feel like using the microscope but don’t want to prepare their own slides. (Read: when I don’t want the mess of slide prep on my table.)

The younger kids didn’t write out a hypothesis in their journals, but they drew the pictures of what the item looked like with the naked eye and then under the microscope. They liked this.

Microscope Journal

All in all, this was a fun activity and seeing the algae in the water was cool. We’re now waiting on our dye to come in the mail so we can see all of the micro-organisms in water from different places. We’re going to take samples of water in our yard, and at a few parks to compare them; I’m excited to do this!



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