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Injury to Lesson: The Brain

After we got back from the hospital, the kids had so many questions about Emma’s injury that ultimately led to more questions about our brain and skull. I couldn’t find anything age appropriate on those things, so I put together something myself, and we learned about the brain first.

I made two versions on the brain printable, one that prints already labeled, and one blank. The kids didn’t want to label it this time, so we just worked on coloring the different parts, and we’ll label another day to reinforce what we learned.

The Human Brain PFD

As the kids colored the different parts, I went over what each one was, and what they’re responsible for. Kids hear a lot while coloring even when it doesn’t seem like it!

After they colored them they used clay to recreate the brain. This too helped reinforce what we talked about by using a different medium for the same information.

After a while the clay play turned silly for the girls before they even finished; this was about the 20-minute mark so it made sense for their young minds and they started making their own stuff.

You can get these printables for free here and here. Let me know how they work out for your family!



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