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Q&A with Carrie

What style of homeschooling does your family follow?

We are unschoolers with a big dash of Charlotte Mason tossed in, for variety. 😉 Our days generally do not start until 10am, and that’s with the teenager and pre-teen getting up and having breakfast. Variety is the name of the game, and we have found that our children are very much kinesthetic or hands-on learners.  Monday’s are generally slow and “lazy” by design. We can be found on a historic hiking trail, watching a documentary, or snuggled on the couch reading (or listening) to a great book that takes us on a wild adventure, followed by a very in-depth discussion about what we just read. Science is a favorite subject for the boys, and before I started this homeschooling journey, I’m not sure that I was aware of just a broad a subject science really can be! From sea creatures to different types of metal, science really touches every aspect of our lives. Our oldest is a self-taught knifesmith, and our middle child is an amazing artist. The two-year-old is quite the singer, you’ve never heard a more beautiful rendition of “B I N G O”, until you’ve heard it from her.  It’s really amazing to see how each child develops, and their own educational journey takes on a shape unique to each child.

What state do you homeschool in, and what are the laws like there for homeschoolers? How does this affect the way you homeschool (if at all)?

 We are in South Carolina, and here we have three options of how we choose to homeschool. Option 1 is through the public school, which is really school at home and not homeschooling at all. Option 2 is through SCAIHS . and Option 3 gives the most freedom. (We homeschool under option 3) We are not required to issue standardized testing through option 3.

Why did your family begin homeschooling?

 We have always homeschooled. Our children have not ever been in public school. We have 3 years left before we graduate our first test subject… Oops, I mean child. 😉 I’m not sure that there was a defining reason that we decided to homeschool, other than it just felt like what we should do for our family. Of course, like many things in life, it’s not without issues and occasional complications. We call these life lessons and we all grow and learn with them. I am very thankful and I know that THIS is what I need to be doing and wild horses can’t drag me away.

What do you wish you knew when you first began homeschooling?

When we first started out, I wish I had listened to those that blazed this trail before me. I was constantly hearing, “Trust your instincts. You know your child better than anyone else ever will, listen to them, follow their lead.” They were absolutely right. Children are naturally hungry for knowledge, and it doesn’t have to fit inside the pages of a textbook.

What are the hardest and easiest, parts of homeschooling?

 The hardest part of homeschooling, for me, has been acceptance.Getting family members to rally behind you and support your decision. Believe in me, as their parent, that the decisions I make are not to harm them in any way. If you have support, from those you love most, you’re unstoppable.  The easiest part? Oh, I think it’s the teaching. It’s really not all that hard, you’d be amazed the learning that takes place. I’m not talking about just with our children. My husband and I are learning right along with them and that’s the fun part! Listen to what your child is hungry for, find that and feed them until they’ve had their fill. They’ll retain that hunger and become life long learners. That’s the goal for us, raising children that never stop learning.

I’m the wife to an amazing man, who just so happens to be in law enforcement. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve been married since 2000, and have been a couple since 1994. I tell ya, the years sure do fly! Together, we have three children. 2 boys and a little girl. We have homeschooled from the very beginning and it’s what works for our family.” {Read more here}

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