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Q&A with Lydnsey at

What style of homeschooling does your family follow?

I honestly don’t really know what style we use. It is a mix between unschooling and structured. We are semi structured which means that we have some of our curriculum planned. We have about 2 ½ hours planned for her online courses then the rest is really whatever we feel like working on. Fridays in our homeschool are called Fun Fridays this is where we have a more relaxed day. We read poems, a chapter in the read aloud, and then try to do a fun activity. This helps us wind down after a long week and keep the fun throughout our homeschool.

We have a homeschool classroom where we hang educational posters, artwork, cute character pictures, and more. It is a very friendly environment.

What state do you homeschool in, and what are the laws like there for homeschoolers?

We homeschool in the state of Oklahoma. The laws here are very relaxed and one of the best states to homeschool in. It doesn’t really affect the way I homeschool.

Why did your family begin homeschooling?

There were a few reasons why we decided to homeschool. We didn’t always have a plan to homeschool. We were signing my daughter up for kindergarten and the school that was in our district was decent but the staff was slightly rude to use. There was an incident where some kindergarteners were talking about some inappropriate things and it just made us seal the deal on homeschooling. I mean we don’t shelter our children but didn’t want my 5 year old exposed to things you shouldn’t talk about until you are a pre-teen or teen.  I also really enjoy that I get to watch my children grow and see how their mind works. I get to teach them not only educational subjects but also survival skills

What do you wish you knew when you first began homeschooling? This does not have to be just one thing.

I wish I did a little more research and knew where to start. The first 2 years I honestly winged everything she was learning. This year we decided to try using a curriculum.  I wish I knew about co-ops when I first started out and reached out more. Now where we live there are plenty of co-ops to join. I would have to say patience as well when we first started I was under them the impression that she should just know this stuff. Like catch on really fast but quickly realized that I need to take time and slowly go over things for her to understand them.

What are the hardest and easiest, parts of homeschooling?

The hardest thing is patience. I have come a long way since we first started. I have realized that I don’t need to rush her to learn and she will learn on her own. This is all a learning process not only for my children but myself as well. The easiest part is being able to make our own schedule and if it doesn’t go the way we thought that’s okay we can just move stuff around.

I am an Army veteran I served as an MP (military police) for almost 6 years. I was recently injured which led me to my blogging journey. I am currently enrolled in college going for my BA in biological science.”{Read more here}

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Jesus following, coffee loving, homeschooling mama. Teaching my children with the grace of God. This is where I share about our homeschooling journey, parenting, and everyday life.

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