Q&A With Lia at @_goldenrod_hills_revival_

I don’t wish for anything to have unfolded any differently. I have spent the past six years carving out the life I live now. Whew, with lots of sleepless nights, lol. Homeschooling for us has been a process not a destination


A Homeschool Moms Guide To Mothers Day

Wash those dishes. No, for real. Three meals a day at home, plus snack time means there is always dishes and she's probably tired of it. What's that? She uses paper plates you say? Well someone has to scrub those pots and pans.


Parenting When You Lack Emotion

I’m continually learning new strategies for handling the emotions of my children. They’re tiny people filled with adult-sized feelings. They overflow and overwhelm their small hearts and minds. If you feel like you’re failing as a parent because you’re constantly messing up just know I’m right there beside you. I’m waving a white flag while downing dark chocolate. It’s hard, and even harder when deep emotion isn’t second nature.