Why We Wear Skirts

Yes, I’m going there. You probably noticed the abrupt change if you see us on a regular basis. It’s a decision we made in the quiet of our home with a few outside like-minded, and less so, opinions to help us along. We prayed about it, and Herman and I worked as a team to decided why we felt called to do so.

Listen. If you take anything away from this post I want it to be: I DON’T believe wearing pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or capris matters to God. I don’t think one of the deciding factors for Heaven is whether or not your knees were visible during your life on Earth. One more time for the people in the back: God is not going to judge you on your choice of clothing. I’m sure there’s not going to be someone standing next to Jesus with a ruler, waiting to measure the length of your skirt and shorts. God will judge your love, acceptance of Him, and obedience.

It felt right. Since I was young, I saw women in skirts. I know you do too, but I’m saying, it intrigued me. I thought it was a beautiful show of feminity and modesty. I feel like, IF there are past lives (no, I don’t believe there are, calm down) I was totally a skirt wearing, long-haired, Christ lovin’ girl. It feels like home to me. I was also, probably, following some kind of strict rules and now all of my sarcasm and eye rolling is redeemed full force. (I’m just sayin’.) It was an easy switch to skirts for me. I never once felt inconvenienced or like it was a hard change that would require “getting used to.”

Modesty. I know this is quite the subject in our current world. But, modesty is important to me. Especially for my girls. I didn’t pay much attention to what I wore in respect to modesty as a pre-teen and teen. Even as a young adult and mother. I now wish I did. I look back on pictures of me and think, goodness, maybe I shouldn’t have worn that… Do I judge others on what they wear, and their sense of modesty? No way! I will love you in any outfit you deem appropriate for your body. I was finding myself more aware of my clothing choices more and more. When I bent over, I wondered if anything was “hanging out” or what whoever was behind me saw. EEK! Skirts give me full movement while keeping me comfortable with chasing small children around. I also became more aware of the respect I should have for my husband, and for me, this is one of the ways I could show my respect. By being mindful of my clothing.

To be set apart. Herman and I grew up with less than Christ-like lives. (Actually, that’s an understatement.) We, as Christians, are called to not look like the world. Does this mean skirts for all women? No. Being Christ-like isn’t always an outward expression. The majority of our walk should be inward and private, making each relationship look different. For me, this is how I remind myself I’m called to be different than the world.

Feminism. Stay with me. I’ve not gone crazy.

Definition of feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests

Feminism has become less of a demand for equality, though, equality is what fuels its fire. You can be equal, yet different, as I’ve mentioned before in Why I Will Always Teach My Children Black Lives Matter. But modern feminism teaches girls that we must look, act, and speak like men to get the results we’re looking for. Why do we not celebrate femininity? Especially as Christians. We know God made man and woman so that one is never complete without the other. We’re (women) so intent on reminding men that they’re not capable without us while we scream INDEPENDENCE from the rooftops. Girl. If equality is what is sought, shouldn’t we do so while amplifying the woman in every aspect? While doing the same for men? I mean, it’s only equal… I want to show my girls, and anyone else watching that being a woman means you can do anything you want in life without striving to be exactly like a man. That God made us different, and we should celebrate that, however we feel called to do so.

Femininity. It’s easy to feel less feminine when you’re at home, like me, with a band of littles taking up the majority of your time. It’s also easy to forget about yourself while tending to them, especially if you’re already someone who struggles with the whole primping “thing”. Wearing skirts helps me feel more put together each day, which in turn helps me feel more comfortable and productive. These things are important in our home since we’re here 90% of our time. I also want to be “put together” for my husband when he gets home each day because I love him. (Not because he expects it, because he doesn’t.) Wearing skirts helps me achieve that. It’s the same reason I keep my hair short. I’m less likely to pull it back into a Mom Bun for days at a time.

We haven’t figured out an exact age yet, but at some point, the girls will be able to choose whether to stick with skirts or not. If they do, more power to them, and if they don’t, we will still love and respect them. What we pray is, is that they will continue to see the benefits modesty has and can continue to have in their lives.

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