Later is better. The (Not So) Importance of Pre-K

The number one reasons we became an unschooling family is because I wanted to instill the love of learning in our children early on by letting them explore the world how they felt moved, and to figure things out in the most organic way possible. Pre-K stuffs them into a room of other children their age and they're required to sit still, listen, and retain a large amount of information for the majority of the day, five days a week. I wholeheartedly believe at four years old a child is just not ready for traditional schooling at home or away. As homeschoolers, we have the option to let them be little regardless of the style of learning that is used.


All good mothers hear

Preach it, Sister!! “…and they might say it’s because mother-hood can differentiate but really if you have a daughter I beg of you, teach her something useful! Teach her about people’s expectations to be married. Teach her about the double standards of opposite sex (going both ways) not one. Teach her how to change a diaper. Teach her how to be kind. Teach her that emotion is not weakness (by being emotional and remaining strong)! Teach her how to level with a 4 year old and how to calm an infant. Teach her, Teach her, Teach her. And when you cannot teach her any more, let other women be her guide as well…”


I’ve never hopped on my blog and let words fly… I write on posts for days, proof read and proof read again. Exchange boring words for more complex ones, add on ideas that have been left out.

Tonight I don’t have it in me to do all of those things. I’m tired. Being a stay at home mom, today, has gotten the best of me. I try, like hell I try, not to go on rants about being a mother or just how tough it is. My choice, My problem –in my philosophy. For the sake of all mothers around me, and another’s lack of ability to see what true super heros they are I feel I must bring to light some of what their dailies bring.

I can’t help but think of two of my longest friends this week. How did it so happen that about 15…

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