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Keeping Me and My Body Safe

We’ve been spending time on learning our phone numbers, address, and birthdays recently. Mostly because Gabriella, Lylah, and even Ryder (sorta) are at the ages they can retain the information.

They were all already well aware of the name of the town we’re in and know their full names, which, since it is such a small town they would either A. know someone or B. would quickly be reunited with us. However, the thought of being separated from any of the kids  is scary, and I started to consider whether or not my children would know what to do if faced with a stranger, or were lost.

Free about me and my body printables

Being separated from your baby at any age would be hard, but it would be equally as hard for them if not equipped with the knowledge to find their way home or to get proper help; especially at a young age. I considered this while also considering my children. Ella is super quiet, Lylah can be hard to understand sometimes, and Ryder equally so. So, I feel, for my family, it’s important for them to be able to dial my phone number alone, not just memorize it. I made this possible by making my phone number my password on my phone. They learned it in NO TIME. Not only did they remember the numbers, but it’s muscle memory.

I made up some printables to go along with the lesson. We learned to write our birthdays in mm-dd-yy format since this is the most commonly used version and easily written out. (Again with the hard to understand sometimes thing.) We also worked on them knowing and clearly saying my and my husband’s full names and address.


A few days later we started on the Keeping Me Safe worksheet. I wanted it to be interactive with note taking for Hayden to help with memorization, but also to work on copying and penmanship. (Sneaky, I know.) Since I wanted them to be able to copy the words in independently, I also printed up a sheet that had a word bank.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (2).jpg

This page covers keeping the kids safe, and hopefully, teaches them how to protect themselves from assault, or what to do in the event of, God forbid. Chances are there is someone you know who was assaulted as a child by an adult or an older family member, even if you don’t know it. What separates those who thrive as survivors and those who don’t, is their network, and their ability to reach out for help and be lifted up.

Finding help when lost. I honestly don’t remember where I saw this, but I read once to teach our children to look for a mommy when they’re lost. GENIUS! Unfortunately, there are bad people out there wearing store uniforms, and badges. A mom with her child (ren) is going to feel empathy and a sense of urgency almost always when met with a lost child. The same goes for a dad with their child(ren). These two people are safe places for children to turn. We also went over staying in an open place when lost: not following someone we don’t know to a “room with a phone,” or to their car to get help, etc.

Saying NO! In our house, it’s also important to us to teach the kids that they’re in control of their body. They don’t have to hug, kiss, or even shake hands with someone that makes them feel uncomfortable. Can they be rude? No. But, they can trust their instincts. We went over what those felt like, too.

Private Parts. Aside from talking about the places a tank top and shorts cover we also talk about our hands, eyes, and mouth. It’s tough to think about, but kids need to know their hands shouldn’t touch anyone’s privates, their eyes shouldn’t see them, and their mouth too, is a private area.

Trusted Adults. Doctors should always be on a child’s list of trusted adults. It’s an outside of the family source a child can reach out to that has access to resources to help a child in need. Along with their doctor, my kids picked myself, their dad, and, their Nani. (My mom.)

These subjects can be uncomfortable to talk about. Sometimes the kids would giggle when we were talking, or say silly things. It’s just what kids do, but in the end, this is important information to have.

Download these worksheets for FREE here: About Me and Keeping My Body Safe

What do you teach your children about body safety?


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