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Balancing Work and School

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you know, we’re saving up for a new (to us) vehicle. I have my eyes set on a 12 passenger van. *Insert school-girl scream here.* I’ve wanted one F-O-R-E-V-E-R, and with five kids it would be amazing. More room for groceries, more space to keep them from fighting… ah… the peace. We’ll see what the Lord has in store for us, though.
My (soon-to-be) step dad owns an automotive shop and is always looking for office help, so I’m working for him for a few weeks to help save up some extra cash, on top of my husband working a second job doing what is called turn. He basically clears out, and does make-ready work on all of the UT housing students are moving out of to get them ready for the new students coming in. He’ll be working ridiculously long hours to make us double income for about a month. I figured not only would it be useful to have more to put towards a new vehicle, but if he’s working that hard I should too.
Two of the helpful things about unschooling and year-round schooling is that a “break” isn’t detrimental to our learning. I have no plans to take a full break, though, especially since Ella is making such strides in reading.
Since we won’t be home for lunch, and we’ll be leaving earlier than the kids usually eat breakfast I’m going to have to prep our breakfasts and lunches in advance. This, works well for Herman too, because he often skips breakfast or eats out for lunch. After a lot of Pinterest searching, (you can check out my board here to see all of my¬†inspiration) this is what I settled on:

*Scroll over the pictures to see the captions.








I tend to prep extra hard the first week, and then slowly taper off causing us to have less than excellent lunches, or buying out. Since we’re trying to make and save money right now, which is the whole reason we’re doing this, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on pre-packaged stuff, but I also wanted to be practical because I know me. I had an entire week to prep for the first week, where as I’ll only have the weekend to prepare for the following week (which is where these pictures came from). So I laid the ground work last week to help me quickly prep for the coming few weeks.

Another thing I did was get things set up in our laundry room/ family closet for clothes each day. I didn’t do anything fancy, I just put five outfits into each drawer for the kids. (Excuse the crummy picture complete with our overflowing clothes basket, it was late and I saw I forgot one.) We don’t use dressers only baskets, so it’s not tough for them to dig through each morning to grab and go, but they’re not morning kids (hazards of homeschool), and they are not impressed with leaving early each morning. Plus, the girls make a fiasco of choosing an outfit every day. Since they’re staying at my mom’s house while I work; if anything this set up makes it so they can stumble over, grab the stack, get in the van, and change at Nani’s. (Which they’ve been doing.) Emma just wears whatever she slept in.


These are the drawers are what we use for the big kid’s clothes. They’re not pretty, but functional.

So, to keep thing rolling on the school front since they won’t be with me the majority of the time for the next few weeks, I have a few printable work sheets for the kids to do when they get home, I’ll be reading in the evening with Ella instead of throughout the day, (although, Hayden LOVES to play teacher with her, and I swear she retains more when they’re “playing”), and we’ll spend time exploring like we usually do during the week on the weekends. Since Herman will be working every weekend, it will be like a typical weekday for us. We haven’t taken any time “off” yet this year because of the way we choose to school, and Hayden mentioned it’s like summer break, ha!

Do you work and homeschool? What are some things your family does to keep things running as smoothly as possible?

Unsschooling with a full-time job1 (2).png


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