The Past Two Weeks In Pictures

So, that's the past two weeks in about 1,000 words and 20 pictures... give or take a few. Is that all, you ask? 😉


A Week of Yes

If you keep up with our Insta at all, you'd have seen the (almost) daily updates of how A Week of Yes went for us. I actually didn't think that we would notice much of a difference since we already are kinda "free" (except things like manners, chores and such) so I was interested to see how often I actually said no.


Lylah, Reading, and Running Full Speed

This weekend we celebrated our sweet Lylahs 6th birthday. In our house, this is a milestone birthday. One that means we start working actively towards reading. This is new territory for me because with Hayden and Ella we were using a boxed curriculum or had certain goals we were trying to reach at six, that as unschoolere, are pretty much non-existent. The good I can see clearly in the murky, unknown waters is that Lylah is ready to jump into reading, so following a self-led approach will easy, and a gentle introduction for me into the self-paced, unscholong world of reading. I feel like math and science are so easily obtained organically, and reading is something that needs to be worked at, so, while I have solid feelings on unschooling as our path, I question whether I can actually do as I intend as far as reading is concerned. We celebrated Lylah with family and friends at our house with a simple party with snacks, cake, NO games, and a BEAUTIFUL fall (Texas Fall) day. Lylah is unique and always allows her difference to shine through, so it was only right that she had a unicorn party! My talented mama made an awesome cake, and Lylah wore her super magical dress with, what she called, glitter hair. (We put glitter in the past of her pig-tails. The beginning of this month not only marked lylahs birthday, but it also brought a new extra curricular into our lives: GIRL SCOUTS! We love our troop (and hope the love us) and I'm so glad we found them. They're all homeschoolers and close to the girls age. It was a great opportunity I'm glad we didn't miss. We're running full speed right now with Scouts, homeschool group, and church, cut it's a wonderful and welcome type of busy that's appreciated after a summer of being home trying to become grounded in our new child-led style and exploring the true meaning of unschooling. What has your family been up to?