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The Past Two Weeks In Pictures

It’s been an eventful two weeks that have kept me from the blog! The week I spent preparing The Week of Yes post was full, and now this past week was full too! Luckily, (for the blog) this week has been less than eventful, so I’m able to catch up. (Week, week, week, week. Is there another word for week!? Haha!)

We started off the weekend two weeks ago coming out of my first time at Fifth Quarter– an event our church hosts to give kids something to do after football games on Fridays and to spread the love of Christ. It was one of THE most humbling experiences I’ve ever had.

Depending on where you’re from you may or may not understand the seriousness of football season in a small town. I never did until my senior year of high school when I met Herman and began going to his games. After the first game, I felt like a total girlfriend failure. I sat in the stands conversing with other girls, and having a good ol’ time…. until he started asking me hard questions like, “did you see how many sacks I got this game?” Uh…. sure did, honey. (NOPE!) After that, I decided I wouldn’t be a horrible girlfriend anymore and pay attention. Here’s a picture of Herman in his high school football days with his best friend. You’re welcome.

Herman and Tyler

Anyway, Fifth Quarter made me realize my dislike for teen ministry isn’t so much of a dislike and more of an apprehension. I MC’d and judged some games and a rap battle that I fail miserably at when I tried to “drop some heat.” I also got to use the word “salty” in context multiple times, #YOLO. I was in awe (like, always) of Gods ability to lead the way and not only allow me to have the confidence to stand on a stage in front of 50 middle school and high schoolers but to also enjoy what I was doing while knowing that (hopefully) the gospel was reaching them.

The kids listening to the message
Emma checking teens in with Amie


Fifth Quarter ended at midnight and I went home and sewed until 2:00 a.m. (why do I have to procrastinate!?) to finish up birthday presents for TWO, yes two, birthday parties we had on Saturday. So, bright and early Saturday we went into Taylor to get the boys haircut– worst cuts they’ve had in a long time, by the way– and then headed to Mansfield Dam for the first party. (If you’ve not been there, go.) Sweet Dejah turned one, one day before our Emma Faye. My kids had so much fun until the end when I broke the golden rule for our Week of Yes and told them no. You can read all about how I broke their little hearts at that link^. The second party we went to was for my cousin’s son Ashton. He’s seriously the cutest thing ever, and the party was dino-myte. Yeah, I said that. We got home before dark but were pooped. Emma didn’t sleep and was super cranky, so we only made it to service on Sunday, and skipped Sunday School, like the hoodlums we are.

Tuesday the kids made me the sweetest cake. One of them mentioned that they didn’t get me a cake for my birthday, so they made me one right then and there. It consisted of melted chocolate sprinkled with coconut and frozen until firm. Um, can I just say that it was the BOMB! I love Mounds and Almond Joy, and it was a very good copy-cat! Plus, it was topped with dinosaurs from Ashton’s party, win!

Fun fact: Ryder took almost every dinosaur off of the cutely decorated cupcakes (after cake was served) and was playing with them. When I tried to tell him to put them back I was informed he licked the icing off the bottom of each one, and could keep them. Oops…
Dinosaur birthday cake
The “cake” the kids made for my birthday, a month late. 😉

Wednesday we hydro-dipped pumpkins at WNL (our weekly kids’ bible study), and then the kids wanted to come home and hydro-dip EVERYTHING. So we dubbed Thursday a Slime making, hydro-dipping, Halloween-ing day! We made fluffy slime and clear slime. Lylahs fluffy slime (R.I.P) was an epic fail and had her melting down on a Facebook Live broadcast Hayden was “hosting.” We deleted it, and shall never talk about it again. HA! We never got to the hydro-dipping, but the kids did get to use the spray paint to spruce up the peeling paint on their bikes and scooters, so it was still a win.

Hayden, Ella, Lylah, and Ryder before making slime
The kids with all of their slime supplies



Friday we spent the day at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock. It’s so beautiful there, and it was a perfect 80*. We went walking on their trail (and off the path) and played at their new All Abilities Park, and THEN we went home, and Herman kept all of the kids (no shock, there) PLUS EMMA (You can gasp, now) while I went to the grocery store.

He brought home a new bike for Ella, so they went on a bike ride with Emma in tow while I snuck off to the store. It was glorious, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I was so sure  Herman would call begging me to hurry because she couldn’t hang without me (and the ability to nurse on a whim) but it never came!

Also, *Que Ella saying her throat hurt.*


Hey, Ly!
girls with their troop
The girls with their troop

Saturday the girls participated in a parade with their Girl Scouts Troop and then we walked through the Hutto Olde Times Day Festival. I wanted so badly to stay and “play” but when I sat in a shady spot to nurse the baby Ryder sat with me instead of getting shaved ice, and I noticed his eyes looked a little glossy. Sure enough, he was burning up. Some cold water bottles and shaved ice held him over while we made our way out. He waited out Hayden using the (ridiculously priced) amusement park tickets we bought so he could ride in the shade with me, and then we headed home, where, Emma started to get fussy.

If you’re keeping count, that’s 3 out of 4 kids sick in our house. Sunday was a super lazy day of desperately trying to keep high fevers down, as well as liquids. Then, Monday, Lylah also jumped on the fever wagon. No one had a temperature this morning, but we’re still doing lots of couch naps.

Sleeping Lylah
Sleeping Lylah
Sleeping Ella
Ella, couch sleeping
Sleeping Hayden
Bub and Emma










So, that’s the past two weeks in about 1,000 words and 20 pictures… give or take a few. Is that all, you ask? 😉




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  1. Finding time to sit down and really read your blog has become a favorite pastime of mine. You’re hilarious, but I️ can also hear you speaking in my head as I’m reading so it makes it even better! Xo.


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