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Overflow with What Matters

I was in a Mom Mood today… Mamas, you know what I’m talking about. We had what I would classify a “bad” trip to the grocery store, which is kinda silly. Nothing was knocked over or forgotten. No one ran away or hid in a clothing rack. For the most part, they held on to the cart and participated in getting the things we needed, and no one asked to buy anything they didn’t have money for in their pockets. They were all just a little hyped up and full of energy, while I was utterly drained.

I recently taught a lesson in my Bible study class about overflow. Whatever we fill our cup with, eventually overflows. What spills out of us ends up covering the things, and people around us. If we’re overflowing with joy, then everyone around us will see and feel the joy that is spilling from us. If we’re overflowing with hate, anger, or rage, that is what everyone around us will see and feel too.

This morning I woke up in a bad mood and then allowed that mess of a sleepless night and frustration to stay in my heart and cling to all the silly little things that happened this morning. Ella forgot her wallet, had to turn around. Hayden took about 15 minutes to get fully dressed, Ryder didn’t like his pants, and Emma didn’t want to sit in her car seat. All of those things stuck to my bad mood until I was overflowing with nasty black tar that is spilled out of my mouth, heart, and mind and filled up the people around me. If that’s what I’m filling others up with, what’s going to spill out of them next? How can I fault the next child that rolls their eyes at me or talks back? I’m filling them up with everything I’m feeling while expecting them to return happiness and contentment. I’m hoping for respect and love, but I’m dishing out anger and harsh words. Yikes.

Parenthood is humbling, hard, and joyful all at the same time. It’s the things we fill our hearts up with the most that determine whether we sink or swim. So that way when we’re feeling jostled or broken what spills from us is (mostly) love. I gave myself a break today, apologized to my kids, and then prayed with them. Give yourself a break, and fill yourself up with something good, Mama. As my favorite bloggers, Abbie, at M is for Mama says, “hard is not the same thing as bad.” I think as parents we all need this as our mantra. If you’re in agreement, you can grab a cute print of it here, I have one in my bedroom that helps remind me that life is good even when it’s hard.



Jesus following, coffee loving, homeschooling mama. Teaching my children with the grace of God. This is where I share about our homeschooling journey, parenting, and everyday life.

One thought on “Overflow with What Matters

  1. That was wonderfully said! I’ve always understood that what we fill ourselves with will overflow onto those around us. But for some reason it never occurred to me that it would happen with our children. I suppose I can’t expect my children to react rationally to situations when all I do is yell. Thank you for this reminder.


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