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Step One: Run Until You Catch on Fire

I like to run until I burn. Running so fast smoke starts to billow against my windblown skin until finally, a flame kindles and then bursts into a raging fire burning its course and leaving me burnt out and charred. I do it every couple of months. I run ragged, and I don’t mean like, cross country, miles on a treadmill running, I mean filling my days with countless activities, parties, and trips to the store while towing along all five kids. It gets exhausting for me, for them, and probably for Herman too. For a few months, I spend every waking out doing something. Then one morning I wake up and realized I’ve pushed me and the kids too far. None of them want to get up and go, and neither do I.One of the things I love most about homeschooling is the ability to go at our own pace and set boundaries for myself, but I find myself constantly forgetting to do that until I’m on fire, and burning to slow burning embers, glowing with the last of my energy, until I end up ashes on the floor.

It’s been like that the past few months, and I think I’ve turned to ash along with my kids that are appearing a little more gray than usual. Our weekly church activities have come to a close for the summer and as much as I love the kids and the time spent with all of them, it will be so nice not to spend my Wednesdays preparing for the evening lessons. It will give me time to spend in prayer about where I see my family in terms of roles at the church into the next year and give my brain a break from children’s bible lessons. (Joke’s on me since I still have five at home and VBS is around the corner.)

I realize it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated here and that comes from two places:

  1. I’ve been writing a book. I’m not ready to elaborate on that, but when I am, you’ll know and my word count here will probably increase since it will decrease on Word.
  2. Refer to above paragraphs. I’m burnt out and spent. I’m ready for the slow summer that’s inevitable since I don’t enjoy or feel comfortable taking the kids too many places during the summertime when all of our hot-spots are overly-crowded.

We’ve filled our months with growing seeds and transplanting them to a garden, raising chickens that are giving us pretty (and yummy eggs) and we joined a new co-op group with some friends we met through girl scouts, and it’s been the best fit for us as far as homeschool groups go, yet. I have still been sharing tidbits in pictures and short sentences on Instagram and Facebook so if you don’t follow us there, please do! Here are some pictures of what we’ve been filling our time with to catch you all up.


The beginnings of our garden (a couple months ago) and the girls feeding and watering the chickens


A more recent picture of the larger garden after we transplanted.


Ella got herself 50 stitches in a fight with a fence. 😉


Summertime swimming is back!