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Feeding Our Family of Seven for less than $800.00 a Month

It took me a while to decide whether or not to post this. Our house is ever evolving. Change isn’t feared or frowned upon. If something doesn’t work, we just let it go. But when something DOES work, (Even if it’s only for a season.) we grab on tights. The one thing that hasn’t changed in a couple years though is the amount we spend monthly on groceries. Even with an increase in income over the past two years, we still try to stick to $800.00 a month or less, using our money in other places in our lives. Like bills, (duh.) fun weekends and vacations. These things mean something to our family and Herman works a lot, so it’s what we choose to do when we have him home.

Sharing this about our family feels… reeeally personal. I get pretty personal here, but this is like, one giant leap forward. I remember a point in our lives, when I would scour Pinterest for cheap meal ideas and would be astonished at the amount their “low cost” trips to the store would bring them to. I don’t feel like what we buy and how we plan our meals will do this to anyone with the number of kids we have, and you may even gawk at how on earth we DO get by.  But, I’m gonna tell ya, because what we feed our family seems to be a popular interest.

feeding my family of 7 for less than $800.png

We spend about $800.00 a month on groceries and household products. I’ve never broken down what our costs look like with just food, but we tap out at $800.00 a month. So, with that $800.00 we buy our food, (Obviously.) paper, cleaning, and hygiene products. It’s just easier for me to wrap my head around it including all those other things. I don’t want to do extra math, or separate transactions so this is just how we do it.

About a month ago I realized we were blowing through our food throughout the week and coming up on grocery day needing to go to the store or the only choice would be eating out or running to the local Dollar General, costing us a lot more money. We don’t have the storage space in our house to shop less often. We don’t even have a real pantry, so I needed to make sure what we were buying each week would last us until grocery day without any real hiccups.

Because we didn’t have a solid plan the kids were just eating whatever, whenever throughout the day using a lot of bread, tortillas, lunch meat, cheese, and eggs. They can all, except Emma, cook simple meals and make cold lunches. I like when they do this, but the way they were doing it just wasn’t working and was costing us a lot of unplanned and expensive trips to Dollar General.

I knew I had to do something, so I created a meal plan, complete with snacks and lunches (before I would just loosely plan our dinners) and after that first week I learned planning for Saturday and Sunday was a necessity or we would end up using things meant for the weekly snacks or lunches.

With this plan we didn’t even reach $800.00 this month, and I’m super happy about that. The meals we eat aren’t organic, on any kind of diet plan, and aren’t exactly the most healthy either. We do have fruits and vegetables regularly, though, and don’t buy any “extras” often, like pre-packaged snack items, sodas, or even juice.

If you click here, or down below, you can download our meal plans for every meal, plus snack, as well as the grocery list that aligns with each week. I hope this can help another family, or give you ideas on how you want to plan your meals.

The lists I’ve included don’t include things we use in the kitchen regularly like spices, oils, and condiments. Also, when I buy things like rice that we use two weeks in a row, I know that one bag will last the two weeks and don’t buy it again the next. Of all the meals above there is only one recipe I can link for you today. All the other recipes are things I’ve made for a long time, and I plan on releasing a post next week with the recipes and how we prepare meals and snacks throughout the week.

Do you follow a meal plan? What does that look like for your family?




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